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«LATENT.RU” is a technology company that develops security and traceability solutions for products and documents. We rely on the years of experience combined with innovative technology solutions. We are the only provider that offers programs and services across the entire spectrum of anti-counterfeiting and brand protection, which are based on own achievements in digital technologies, of physical and chemical properties of materials. We use our own capacities equipped according to the highest demands of security products.

As it is known, the problem of counterfeiting becomes more serious every year. Counterfeiters use high quality packing materials, innovative types of copying.

When you work with «LATENT.RU”, you get years of experience combined with innovative technology solutions. «LATENT.RU” can help you devise and execute a comprehensive strategy to protect your brand at every turn: from on-product authentication, to track and trace, to online brand protection and enforcement. «LATENT.RU” provides unique solutions in combating counterfeiting and brand security. We are the member of International Trademark Association. This fact allows to provide world-class security services. All our innovations are patented.

In today’s competitive and complicated marketplace, we are experts in combating counterfeiting, providing effective solutions of your brand security. «LATENT.RU» uses years of experience, advanced technology and data analysis, and a passionate dedication to the details to keep your brand safe. We are sure the success is based on innovations!