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Tamper evident CryptON® security seals

CryptON® SuperVOID

CryptON SuperVOID security seals are the result of an extensive research effort covering the fields of chemistry, molecular physics and mechanics of polymer-based materials.

If removed after application, the CryptON security seal will self-destruct in a manner to signal that the seal has been broken. After these labels have been adhered, anyone removing them will find that security information is shown. Any words or logos can be used as a voiding information.

After removing the CryptON security seals lose their adhesive properties, that excludes their reuse. All can be custom imprinted with your company name and/or logo and consecutive serial numbers, bar codes, QR-codes and etc. Any sizes and quantity are possible.


The other kind of tamper evident security seals are the CryptON NoTRACE seals. They are also made of multilayer materials, but leave no trace on the protected surface after removing. Voiding information is shown in inner layer. Typical applications include file cabinets, aircraft hatches, entry doors, and etc. Adhesive properties stay the same, but the visual effect of self-destruction excludes a reuse of these seals.


To strengthen the protective level of the CryptON security seals hidden images BRAND GUARD can be used. It excludes copying and counterfeiting these seals. It will give consumers the opportunity to authenticate the CryptON security seals with the help of stationary viewers, without opening the package.