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Unique DIN-codes generation

Unique DIN-codes generation

The iScan system generates 2 unique DIN-codes (Digital Identification Number) and integrates them into QR-codes, which are applied on CryptON security seals. The first QR-code is appropriated to the goods. It gives the opportunity to monitor their life cycle. The second QR-code is needed to authenticate the goods.

Goods account creation

The CryptON security seals are obligatory attributes of each unit of production. While entering primary information about goods by producer or supplier, their acounts are being created (names of products, expire dates and etc.) Access to separate sections of the supply chain is provided by the secured communication channels.

Life cycle

Life cycle

The additional information is being entered at each stage of goods life cycle — factory floor, dealer’s warehouse, point of retail. Each participant ща the supply chain has access to the corresponding section of the global system, while the manufacturer has the opportunity to monitor and track the goods throughout the supply chain in online mode. Coordination of supply-chain data with online tracking helps to ferret out diversions and counterfeit sales. Activation of the second QR-code occurs automatically after passing the final stage of supply chain, when the goods appear at poins of retail.


Just before purchasing the consumer has the opportunity to authenticate the CryptON security seal with the help of stationary viewer. Through the polarizing film of the viewer the hidden image will appear.

After purchasing the consumer erases the scratch layer, which protects the QR-code. The GR-code should be scanned by smartphone. At that moment the iScan system compares this code with the secured database. If the code is registered in the system, on the smartphone screen there will appear a message about authenticity of the purchased good. The additional information about the purchased good, such as date of producing, date of expire and etc. can be demonstrated optionally. One can easily authenticate the goods at web-site

In case of repeated checks the iScan system will inform about quantity and dates of these checks and will warn about possible counterfeit. If the code isn’t registered in the iScansystem there will appear a message about purchasing fake goods.