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Alcohol and tobacco

Alcohol and tobacco

Volume of face alcohol sold in Russia, constantly grows. The alcohol branch is one of the most attractive to parallel business. Such situation not only does harm to health of people, but also leads to considerable losses of budgetary funds, and breaks basic principals of fair competition. Not to mention that development of the gray market of alcohol doesn’t promote the drink culture improvement at all.

There is a lot of hypotheses and offers how to fight against illegal turnover of alcoholic products: strengthening of punishments for counterfeit, standardization and modernization of production according to obligatory requirements, development of information systems, creation of a database of distinctive signs of products and etc. But all these methods have legal opportunities for illegal business.

Use of iScan system will give producers and distributors the serious tool on ensuring legitimacy of a turn of their production, and the end consumer will have an opportunity to determine products authenticity directly in points of retails by means of stationary «authenticity determinants».

Counterfeit cigarettes trade is already the problem which is constantly growing in the international scales and yielding losses to producers of tobacco products. Thus not only to consumers counterfeit cigarettes are offered. Extending counterfeit production, organized crime develops. It is also important to consider that counterfeit cigarettes quite often differ in poor quality and don’t meet the state and production standards. Many counterfeit cigarettes are made at the underground enterprises abroad from the infected tobacco leaves that significantly increases health risks from smoking fake cigarettes. Besides, counterfeit cigarettes are quite often transported and stored in unacceptable conditions.