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Counterfeit and fake products overcame modern markets. Besides serious financial losses, sustained by brand owners, the quantity of damaged peoeple is growing.

A hologram is one of popular technologies and widely used as security labels. Nowadays many manufacturers in emerging countries are also able to produce security labels even with advanced hologram technology.
So the hologram does not work as an anti-counterfeiting tool anymore!

BRAND GUARD, a unique technology, can realize the new security label which has the best anti-counterfeiting ability and easy verification performance. BRAND GUARD can have texts and images as hidden information on any ligtht-reflective surface — special adhesive tape, laminating film, ho stamtping foil and etc. A detailed hidden image appears simply by placing the proprietary viewer directly over the security label area. Hidden images become visible through polarising film, which is the part of viewer. Anyone can easily verify the authenticity of products at anywhere. An authenticity verification by BRAND GUARD is so easy that there is no limitation for an inspection by anyone at any place. Professional fixed viewers can be installed at retail places.

To ascertain the authenticity of a product, a customer should look at the product through the identifier and the latent image becomes clearly visible. The credit card size identifier requires no special skills to use. A unique chemical and mechanical treatment creates invisible images on a gauzy polymeric material that can be visualized only through a light-refracting glass — the polarizer.

BRAND GUARD hidden images can be applied at special adhesive tape, laminating film, ho stamtping foil, combinaed with special cloth or inegrated into hohlgrams.

The unique BRAND GUARD technology increases the anti-counterfeiting capabilities of the label. Ideal for use as a countermeasure to gray market diversion or parallel importation. The technology is adapted for standard printing equipment and can be integrated into the standard printing process, thus making a high-volume production of protected elements possible.

No facts of copying or counterfeiting of BRAND GUARD labels were fixed!