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Basic security components

1. Visual protection means a number of mechanical and polygraphic methods, providing precise goods authentication as original and excluding possibility of unauthorized access to the content of the packing. According to these requirements a self-adhesive security seal «CryptON” was developed. The «CryptOn” security seal is a tamper evident void label. In case of its unauthorized removal from the protected surface there is a hard-to-remove residue on the surface after removal. The residue can be realized as any control text or brand owners logos. After removal the seal loses its' adhesive properties that excludes its reuse.

Example of realization:

2. Instrumental control should provide the possibility of goods authentication by technical means. But this type of authentication has to be simple and available to the consumer. «LATENT.RU” offers different consumer engagement solutions. One of them makes it possible to leverage goods authentication label to drive authentic sales, build consumer loyalty, and increase revenue. The solution means the introduction in the «CryptOn” security seal of the «BRAND GUARD” hidden images. The «BRAND GUARD” covert anti-counterfeit labeling system provides a self-encrypted and highly secure level of counterfeit prevention, offering a simple method for authenticity verification. A detailed hidden image appears simply by placing the proprietary viewer directly over the security label. This unique technology is realized by own synthesized chemicals and own developed process equipment.

3. Digital component — iScan system is an example of such transformation, when the software component adds the visual protection, but not replaces it. To provide 100% products authentication the iScan system combines both visual and digital methods of security protection.

Here are just the several advantages of iScan life control system application:

  • Each product item is serialized with the unique DIN-code (Digital Identification Number), which is integrated into the QR-code. Our product serialization technologies, and IT and software support systems are global-class, and are sufficiently robust to handle billions of products as they travel worldwide. Serialization and QRr-coding not only help to confirm product authenticity, but also help to ensure that the right products reach their intended markets, thereby improving global sales efficiency.
  • The iScan solution helps to track products through all supply and distribution chain.
  • Our authentication solutions make it possible for customers to become part of the brand protection strategy. We have developed mobile device technologies to engage consumers and assist in authentication at point of purchase. The simple smartphone will be enough to authenticate a geniune product.