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"CryptON" Security Seals

One of the latest our security products are the CryptON security seals. CryptON security seals application helps to guarantee authenticity of goods. Additional unique information, such as a product name, number of party or the warranty card, can be applied on the security seals. These seals are made from multilayer materials and are subdivided into three types.

How does it work for the others?

Today a lot of companies, offering «VOID» seals, exists in the market of protective materials, but in essence they are identical. The matter is, that organizations realizing similar seals and labels use so-called master-rolls with ready material, from which ready labels are cutted down. The color scale of materials is limited in 3−4 colours. The shown control inscription is available only in the form of the text and also is limited to 3−4 variants, for example, «OPEN» or «VOID».

It occurs because these materials are made in the countries of Southeast Asia in the «line» way. To make the control inscription unique, the placement of very large order is necessary, which requires long time period and serious monetary expenses. Thus, these seal are not secured from copying and counterfeiting, and respectively doesn’t solve the main problem.

How does it work for US?

We offer the whole series of revolutionary innovative security seals CryptON.