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"iScan" anticounterfeiting system

«iScan» anticounterfeiting system

What differs us from the others?

We have invented, developed and implemented our security technology

All that we do, is a world’s experience in brand security and combating counterfeiting area. We brought together the best anticounterfeiting solutions and connected them in one.

We solve our clients' problems

Our clients don’t need our security system. Our client have commercial problems, which can be easily solved with the help of our security solutions. The main our aim is to identify the problem, to develop and implement the most effective solution. We control the started mechanisms, and as a result we mke profit to our clients.

We provide the complex of security solutions

Brand identities, products and intellectual property are subjected to a never-ending barrage of threats from counterfeiters and supply-chain diverters. We have the expertise and technology to authenticate products, securely track and trace themthrough the supply chain, engage customers in brand loyalty and product authentication. We work closely with manufacturers to design custom solutions that meet their specific needs.

The combination of authenticity determination methods with individualization of production and further service, allowed us to create the unique anticounterfeiting tool — the comprehensive system which allows to prove product authenticity and to track products through all suuply chain. Meet iScan!

Thу iScan system is a powerful software complex based on the latest achievements in IT technologies. It is completely integrated instrument of tracking the movement of production at all stages of its life cycle and control of its authenticity, focused on brand protection from the factory floor all the way to the hands of valued consumer iScan provides full transparency at all levels of supply chains, helps to maintain their integrity.

iScan — is the system providing possibility of monitoring of the movement of production from the production moment to retail place. Havinп the aim to control the products authenticity and to provide the safety of supply chains, our system can be applied practically in any areas: from pharmaceutics to consumer goods, from autocomponents to secured documents.

iScan is the first system, which has involved all modern achievements in security innovations. iScan allows to:

  • personalize each item of secured products with the unique DIN-codes (Digital Identification Number);
  • provide track and trace solutions: custimized software;
  • determine the authenticity of the product with the help of identifyer: Brand Guard hidden images;
  • use self produced tamper-resistant and tamper-evident label materials;
  • confirm product authenticity by scanning QR-codes or on-line.