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  • The BRABD GUARD can have texts or images as hidden information in label. A clear and detailed hidden image appears simply by placing the proprietary viewer directly over the security label. The viewer is based on a light-refracting glass — the polarized film.

  • The iScan generates 16-symbol DIN (Digital Identification Number) codes. Each code is unique and hidden under the scratch layer to protect it from unauthorized reading before security check. The DIN codes can be easily integrated into QR-codes, for convenient scanning.

  • The «CryptOn» security seal is a tamper evident void label security seal, which leaves a hard-to-remove residue on the surface after label removal. The residue can be realized as any control text or brand owners logos.

  • The iScan generates 16-symbol DIN (Digital Identification Number) codes and integrates them into QR-codes. The iScan provides manufacturing monitoring tools. These solutions help track your products through your supply and distribution chain.

  • To protect security seals CryptON from counterfeiting the BRAND GUARD® technology can be used on them. Security seals CryptON can be protected with the unique hidden images.

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Brand protection. Security seals. Traceability solutions for products and documents.

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The company sees the mission in fighting counterfeits and fakes with the help of unique digital and technological innovations, due to the latest achievements in the brand security context, and also in the production, logistics and service areas, meeting the highest international standards.

«LATENT.RU» is a technology company that develops security and traceability solutions for products and documents. We rely on the years of experience combined with innovative technology solutions. We are the only provider that offers programs and services across the entire spectrum of anti-counterfeiting and brand protection, which are based on own achievements in digital technologies, of physical and chemical properties of materials.

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